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“I LOVE it. This is everything we need in 4th grade!”

Wendy T., Escondido, CA

Complete Lessons

Audio-Visual Materials

State Standards Met

We Know the Challenges.

Your time is precious.

Making activities  or searching on teacher websites takes time away from the other things you have to do as a teacher — including having space for yourself and your family.

There's a lot to cover.

California history can be complicated: from Native tribes to missions, agriculture to government — all in one school year. And there are multiple standards to fulfill.

Finding good materials isn't easy.

Teaching California history/social studies can be stressful if you don’t have good materials at your fingertips. And textbooks often leave much to be desired.

Poor resources = bored students.

Students easily disengage when faced with poorly made and unappealing resources. Once they've tuned out, re-engaging with them can be a constant struggle.

Say Goodbye to Class Prep Stress 

Whether you need a whole curriculum or just need to supplement your current materials, we've got you covered.

With California History Teachers there is no more last-minute prep or searching on teacher-to-teacher marketplaces.

Your materials are ready for substitutes when you need time off. And you know that everything is standards-aligned. All in one place. 

Get your time and focus back.

I am very impressed that the lessons coincide exactly with the State Standards--makes my life easier!!

Annie A., Placerville, CA

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Videos and Slide Presentations Done for You.

Whether you make them with PowerPoint or another software, slide presentations are a major time investment.

Each unit of the California History Teachers Academy includes a ready-made video and slide presentation based on the reading material. Just open and teach.

Comprehension Activities and Quizzes.

Now you don't have to spend time creating ways for students to practice what they have learned. Each unit includes both fill-in-the blanks and multiple choice quizzes for you to use when you need them.

"It was the specific CA history curriculum that I was looking for!"

Kristen V, Pittsburgh, CA

Native American Teaching Resources.

Knowing about California’s first peoples is key to understanding its rich history. But finding good quality resources can be a challenge. You can easily spend hours searching the internet only to come up with just a few useful facts.

We draw on the best academic sources to provide grade appropriate, culturally respectful Native American materials. Our content library currently has information on 19 tribal groups, and the list is growing.

California Mission Resources.

California’s Spanish missions are some of the most iconic features of it’s history. They represent the crossroads of Native American, Latin American and European cultures. And they continue to be important spiritual centers and tourist destinations.

We have worked hard to provide well-researched resources about all 21 of California’s Spanish missions, as well as the people who founded, built and lived in them, with new materials added all the time.

A Growing Resource Library.

We continually add thoughtfully-designed materials that will keep students engaged while fulfilling California content standards.

As a member, you will have complete access to these materials for your own use in your classes.

And all of the educational content is researched and written by educators -- not some large, impersonal company.

"...Such an excellent way to learn about California history for my neuro-diverse student (ADHD)! It was non-distracting, but engaging."

Mary (homeschool mom), Hayward, CA

In Every Lesson

  • Lesson summary

  • Warmup activity

  • Student text

  • 3-5 minute video

  • Slide presentation (PowerPoint and PDF)

  • Teacher background text 

  • Student "Can-do" statement

  • Guided notes activity

  • Reading comprehension activity (fill-in-the-blanks)

  • Quiz/exit ticket

Bonus Materials

  • Guides to California’s Native American tribes

  • Guides to all 21 California missions

  • California Mission Project

  • California Native American Project

  • Timelines

  • Maps

…and more

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Lesson Topics

  • Latitude and Longitude

  • The Poles, the Equator and Maps

  • Regions of California

  • Geography and Growth of California

  • Communities of California

  • Native Americans of California

  • Early Land and Sea Routes to California

  • Spanish Exploration and Colonization of California

  • The Spanish Missions

  • Daily Life in Missions, Ranchos and Pueblos

  • Franciscans and the Economy of California

  • Mexican Independence and California

  • The Rancho Era

  • Settlements in Mexican California

  • Routes to California

  • The Gold Rush

  • Women in Early California

  • How did California Become a State?

  • The Pony Express, Telegraphs and the Railroad

  • The Transformation of the California Economy

  • Immigration to California: 1850-1900

...and many more.

“It is stellar! The info, graphics, photos and illustrations are just amazing!…It’s really excellent!”

Katie E., Los Angeles, CA

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